You are currently viewing AtriaOne card, an e-debit card for your business

AtriaOne card, an e-debit card for your business

OpenBook is built with a single purpose to make business and finances simple for micro and small businesses. Hence our tagline #BusinessKaroSimple. We are trying to reduce the average time spent by any business owner in managing finances by bringing billing, banking, accounting, and taxes together. Hence, we have brought to you AtriaOne e-debit card.

Why the name AtriaOne card?

AtriaOne card is an e-debit card that is combined with your OpenBook online account, to manage business finances better.

The name Atria came from a concept of A trillion-dollar that is the contribution of MSMEs in the current GDP. Micro and small businesses constitute about over 30% of the Indian GDP. These small businesses are also the source of employment for over 12 crore people in India.

Most small businesses have to struggle a lot in managing their finances. The majority of small and micro-businesses depend upon cash-based transactions. Cash-based transactions are often difficult to manage. The accounting and settlements for cash transactions are often complicated. We have seen people opting for online transactions in recent times. A lot of MSMEs don’t have the access to a current account or business cards to manage their business.

AtriaOne card is the one card that you will ever need to manage all your business payments. It is similar to any other debit card with a card number, expiry date & CVV number. The best part about this AtriaOne card is it can be activated instantly. Also, this card is free of any charges forever. Isn’t this amazing.

All you need to do is complete your KYC by giving your Aadhar and PAN card details. That’s it and you get your AtriaOne card details and you can use it for any of your business related transactions. All the transactions made by AtriaOne card is reflected on OpenBook that is automatched. Thus making your business finance simple.

AtriaOne Card can be used for:

  • Online purchases
  • Bill payment
  • Vendor payment

India is poised to become a 5 trillion dollar economy
in the next 5 years. And MSMEs are the backbone of the  Indian economy. MSMEs are going to be both a contributor  & a beneficiary of this growth. We at OpenBook are committed to helping micro and small businesses in achieving this dream.

So, what are you waiting for? Download the OpenBook app today and manage your business-related billing, banking, accounting, and taxes in one place. #BusinessKaroSimple

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