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Everything your business needs only at OpenBook

OpenBook | Manage Billing, Banking, Accounting & GST for your business at one place

India has 6.33 crore MSME’s of which 6.30 crore i.e. 99.4% of these MSMEs are micro-enterprises. These are often referred to as small businesses that are found in every nook & corner of cities around us. Be it a Kirana store or small eatery or mobile repair shop or even garment shop, India’s economy is heavily dependent on these micro-businesses. These entrepreneurs are vital for the economy in terms of their contribution to the market and generation of employment in the country.

The reality of Indian microbusinesses

Although they play a very important role, most micro-businesses struggle to make or run their business easily.

  • Be it the hectic task of filing GST every month or quarter.
  • Or, the time spent doing bookkeeping and accounting for the business.
  • Or, the tedious manual effort that goes into reconciling payments
  • Or, the long bank queues that go into making vendor payments.

These are some struggles that all microbusiness entrepreneurs face daily. The process of running a business and managing business finances is so complicated that there is no easy or simple way to do it.

Introducing OpenBook with which one can #BusinessKaroSimple

OpenBook offers a unique solution – one app to manage everything related to business.

With OpenBook, businesses can now manage their billing, banking, accounting, and even taxes from one place.

Simple Billing

  • Create unlimited GST-compliant bills, estimates & purchase orders
  • Send invoices with in-built online payment options
  • Receive payments securely to your OpenBook online account

Simple Banking

  • Get a free zero balance OpenBook online bank account & e-debit card
  • Connect your existing bank account & transfer funds from OpenBook, services offered by RBI regulated banking partners
  • Check your bank statements & track cash flow
  • Make payment to parties and collect payments from customers via any preferred mode such as NEFT, RTGS, credit/debit card, UPI, etc

Simple Accounting

  • Comes with Auto-Match that auto-updates payment status against invoices
  • Save up to 100 hours annually on manual payment tracking
  • 25+ accounting reports for all your business activities

Simple Tax Management

  • Generates instant GST & Tax reports
  • Helps manage GST & TDS filing
  • Pay GST & TDS challan directly from the app
  • Never stay behind on tax dues
OpenBook-Billing, Banking, Accounting, GST
Everything your business needs only at OpenBook

So basically one can manage everything related to business and store such as finance, banking, tax, etc related problems, by having one simple solution OpenBook with which one can #BusinessKaroSimple

For India’s micro-business entrepreneurs and businessmen here is an opportunity to become Aatmanirbhar with OpenBook.

You can download the app from PlayStore here.

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