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How to promote your business online

Ever since the pandemic, the pace of digitization has increased manifold. As lockdown has become the new normal, consumers and businesses are increasingly going digital, purchasing and providing more goods and services online, raising e-commerce’s share of global trade from 14% in 2019 to about 17% in 2020. 

If you don’t have an online presence yet, this is the perfect time to build one. Let’s have a look & understand how and why we should go online.

  • Online business helps you get a wider reach and customer base as it is not restricted to any particular region. 
  • It helps you to operate your business from anywhere without even having any physical branch. Your business can have its presence in multiple locations, all thanks to digitization. 
  • Online business is more cost-effective as you will not have to inculcate certain fixed costs which come with a physical store like rent, labor cost, etc. 
  • Marketing online helps you track your reach, revenue, and other metrics which wouldn’t be possible with offline marketing. 

Now that we have seen how it helps you grow your business. Let’s understand some ways to go about it.

How does online business help:

  • If your business is new, you can set up your online store for free with multiple tools like Google my business to build a brand presence. 
  • You can sell your products and services online on social media platforms like WhatsApp, Facebook, Instagram, Telegram business pages.
  • If your goal is to grow your business by acquiring new customers then you can use reseller platforms like OpenStore and Dhukan where you can extend your reach. 
  • E-commerce websites like Amazon and Flipkart can also help you to connect with your customers.

Now that, we have understood ways to go online, let’s see how promotion can boost up your business’s growth.

Here are some of the ways by which you can promote your business digitally:

  • Social media platforms are a great way to connect with your customers. 
  • Instagram is one such platform where you can create an account for your business and tools such as Instagram stories, reels, and IGTV videos which help you reach a larger audience.
  • Putting clear pictures of your products and using trending music are a few tips that help to attract more customers.
  • You can also promote your services by reaching out to more people in your contacts, WhatsApp story is one such method. 
  • Getting feedback from your customers is the best way to understand what exactly you can work on to appeal to them and keep innovating.

Now that we have understood how and why you should take your business online, let’s see how OpenBook can help you grow it further.

With OpenBook, you can create a digital bank account that meets all your business needs. It helps in automatch, inventory management and simplifies your cash flow tracking. OpenBook is one such app where you can manage everything in one place after taking your business online.

Building an online presence isn’t just a necessity but absolutely essential for small businesses in this age & day. So, if you don’t want to miss out on these benefits, it’s your perfect time to take your business online.

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